Serial Killers Who Also Abused Animals

Often when people try to discover what makes an unrepentant serial offender tick, they look at the convicted's childhood. Were there any indications that they could turn into monsters? One of the biggest indications that a person is destined to be disturbed is seeing whether or not they have harmed animals, especially during childhood. Psychologists point to harming animals as proof of a lack of empathy. Such behavior also indicates a propensity towards aggression. While there isn't any hard data claiming the percentage of infamous offenders who began their career of pain by hurting animals, many believe that this is a serious warning sign.

Many of these offenders have admitted that harming animals was the first time they realized that they liked to cause suffering and, in fact, wanted to hurt people. Often neighborhood cats, dogs, and even crabs were the earliest victims of these menacing childhood "games," which often led to painful demises. One notorious offender even began targeting animals after seeing his father do the same.

This list features serial killers who have openly admitted to victimizing animals - leading them down the path to eventually claiming human lives.