The Serial Killers Who Seemed the Most Normal

Many serial killers throughout history have seemed completely normal. To the outside world, these men and women were just as average as the next person. These kinds of characters are fascinating, and are often the inspiration for criminals on legal TV shows, as their seemingly normal nature seemed bizarre in comparison to their crimes. They were neighbors, friends, family members, parents, children, classmates, and peers in every sense of the word. They went to church, had common jobs, and even participated heavily in their community. Anybody who took a quick glance at their lives would see nothing out of the ordinary. But take a deeper look into their lives and you’ll see a dark, sinister person lurking underneath the mask of normality. These men and women secretly took pleasure in killing innocent people.

This list covers some of the most run-of-the-mill-seeming people who turned out to be cold-blooded psychopaths. Some of these serial killers actively tried to improve their communities by working in churches and outreach programs. A few of these serial killers looked like upstanding family men and women, with smiling children and seemingly perfect marriages. No one suspected them. That’s why the revelation that they were secretly murderers was so shocking.

This list answers the question, “What are the most normal looking serial killers in history?” These killers did the best job of hiding their true nature from the outside world.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons