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33 Serial Killers Who Used Poison

Poison isn't just for the pages of mysteries, thrillers, and crime novels. From chronic poisoning over a long period of time, to rapid poisoning that can cause instant death, many serial killers throughout history have used poison as their main weapon. This is a list of notable murderers who used poison as their modus operandi and weapon of choice.

There are many reasons why many serial killers in history have used poison to commit their murders. One of the top reasons includes collecting insurance money. Many serial killers believed that they could get away with murder since poisoning often doesn't leave much evidence. Most victims just get sick and die, making it difficult to prove the real cause of death. Many hospital workers also used poison to systematically kill their patients, giving them high doses of prescription drugs. Many serial killers used poison with the thought of nursing their victims back to health afterward in order to gain favor and public attention.

A few serial killers who used poison were found not guilty by reason of insanity and spent the rest of their lives committed to an insane asylum. Others, however, served a life sentence, multiple life sentences, or were executed, in most cases. Some of these serial killers poisoned their families, including children, and even more committed multiple murders over many years.

Read on to find out which serial killers used poison, how many murders they were responsible for, and what happened to them once they were caught.