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6 Serial Killers Who Wore Disguises

List of serial killers who wore disguises, either during their crimes or afterwards. It’s not a very common occurrence for serial killers to wear masks, wigs, or any other types of disguises while committing their heinous crimes. Most serial killers already blend in with the general public. They often look just like your neighbor, your best friend, your parents, or any other person you might run into and not think about for another second. If a serial killer has decided to prey on a person, they usually don’t mind if their face is seen since that person is likely not long for this world.That’s why it’s all the more fascinating when a serial killer wears a disguise.

Serial killers who wear wigs, masks, and other cloaks for their identity often do so because of a psychological reason. Killers like Ed Gein made masks out of human flesh due to an insane part of the brain that commanded it. Other killers may have worn costumes for the thrill, as part of their killer routine.

Which serial killers have worn disguises? This list features the killers who have worn anything from a wig to a dress during or after theircrimes.