• Graveyard Shift

Serial Killers With Known Accomplices (And Those Suspected To Have Them)

Solo serial killers make for terrifying nightmares, but killers with an assistant are enough to compel you to stay home permanently. The urge to help a serial killer comes easily to people with similar bloodlust, resulting in sinister soulmates who leave behind a trail of blood and bodies. Occasionally, a good-looking serial killer needs only to charm an acquaintance to entangle them in a life of brutality and sadism. Other bloodthirsty duos began killing alone before they found their partners.

While many serial killers worked with an accomplice, such as "Freeway Killer" William Bonin, other so-called lone wolves may not have acted alone. Countless theories posit the Zodiac Killer acted with help, and known accomplices of the "Candy Man" said he belonged to an organization helping him to acquire victims. For every known accomplice to a serial killer, there could exist many others who managed to evade capture.