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41 Dangerous Serial Killers Who Had Nicknames

Dangerous serial killers with nicknames aren't just found on TV shows like Dexter: There have been plenty of nicknamed ones in real life as well. Many of the slayers on this list have haunted us for decades now, whether in America, England, or other countries. Some are given a nickname by the press, while others give themselves an alias. From "The Butcher of Rostov" to "Doctor Death," these people have all committed horrible slayings. 

We expect the judicial system to incarcerate those like these on this list, yet often the suspect is never actually caught or is freed after just a few years of imprisonment. Some of these nicknamed slayers were only suspected but never convicted.

This list includes basic information on these people, such as their real names, nicknames, associated tools for their slayings, number of victims, and information about the aftermath of their detainment or sentencing. Some of these people have been released from prison, let out on parole, or have even escaped from imprisonment and are currently on the loose.

No matter how these dangerous people got their nicknames, they all committed some truly horrible atrocities, gruesome enough to warrant a place in the pop-culture lexicon.