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Dogs Going Through Some Serious Stuff

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On the whole, dogs have it pretty easy. Despite the obvious existential nightmare it would be if we ended up trapped in a dog body, it would be pretty cool to sleep all day and let people take us to the park whenever we needed to go to the bathroom. But we can’t let the thought of cutie patootie mutts sleeping all day blind us to the fact that when dogs get bummed out they can look like the world is ending. The super-serious faces on this collection of dogs that are dealing with some REAL STRESS will make you think twice the next time you offer to switch places with man’s best friend.

Dogs don’t have jobs or get into fights with their significant others – but they can still have it tough. Imagine being one foot tall, covered in hair, and having to walk around in the summer acting like everything is fine. Just wearing long pants from May to November is enough to set a human who lives in a sunny state crying, so we can sympathize with our furry little friends. Get out your favorite teeth cleaning bone and prepare to have all the feels when you see these pictures of dogs who are really going through some stuff.

Vote up the dogs that are having the most trouble dealing with life right now. Maybe if they see themselves at number one they’ll turn their adorable little frowns upside down.

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