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Men's Medical Conditions That Could Be A Sign Of Something Serious

Updated March 7, 2019 1.8k views15 items

When some men get older, they have to deal with an increased amount of small aches and pains. More often than not, these pangs are fleeting - stopping as quickly as they start. However, there are some symptoms men shouldn't ignore. Minor twinges of pain can actually be signs of life-threatening illnesses and major men's health problems.

From sore backs to scratchy throats, certain small problems tend to lead to bigger concerns. Do yourself a favor and see a doctor even if you’re only in a little bit of pain.

  • Shoulder Pains

    From Redditor /u/vaguerant64:

    I experienced a pain in my left shoulder (trapezious muscle?) whenever I consumed alcohol, which for me was an infrequent beer. It was odd, but not too concerning, since I didn't drink very often.

    Turns out, I had Hodgkins lymphoma, and the pain in lymph nodes on the consumption of alcohol was a symptom seen in only a very small percentage of cases (less than 5%?).

  • A Shrinking Mole

    From Redditor /u/notsolittleliongirl:

    My dad has a lot of moles, and my mom forced him to go to the dermatologist because he hadn’t been in years. She was worried about a few of the big moles that she thought might be getting bigger. The dermatologist pointed one out and asked if that was one they were concerned about and no, my mom said that one actually seemed like it was getting smaller so why would she be concerned? Doctor informed my parents they were doing a biopsy right there and then and cut a 1.5 inch long chunk out of my dad’s back.

    It was melanoma, the really bad skin cancer. It turns out, if a mole is getting smaller, it’s probably because the immune system has a reason to attack it.

  • Trouble Breathing

    From Redditor /u/nuclearblob:

    My grandfather - had trouble breathing for a long time, nothing horrible - just shortness of breath, heavy breathing etc. But he had to take care of my grandma. He went to the hospital when he started coughing (a dry cough, unable to stop). They diagnosed cancer, aggressive form of lung cancer and he died within three weeks. The doctor told us, that if he had come earlier, they [might've beem] able to save him.

  • A Minor Scrape

    From Redditor /u/...Ahem:

    A week before my 4th Halloween, I was playing [and] fell on the pavement and got a good scratch on my knee. 24 hours later it starts itching pretty bad. Another 24 hours later I can’t sleep it’s itching like crazy and getting red and hot to the touch Mom thinks I’m being a drama queen (in her defense, I was a bit of a dramatic threenager) and doesn’t really look at it too closely.

    24 hours later it aches so bad I can’t walk and the itching and redness is worse. I end up in the hospital for a week with cellulitis that’s so bad I come very close to amputation and/or death. I had no clue at the time, but my mom said it was bad enough they told her to have relatives come visit just in case it was their last chance to do so.

    Doctor told my mom that if I had come into an office on the first or second day I may have gotten by with just a strong injection of penicillin and a week of oral antibiotics.