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Jokes On 'Sesame Street' No Kid Could Possibly Get

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The air is sweet on sunny Sesame Street, but sometimes the educational children's show takes a darker turn with more adult humor, or with Sesame Street-ified parodies of shows or movies that are decidedly not for children. Sometimes guest stars are involved, but the Sesame Street puppets themselves are known to venture into innuendo or more adult talk, too.

Adult jokes in Sesame Street are still pretty tame, and even the most sophisticated preschooler won't possibly get the humor or innuendos, so it's always a G-rated safe bet, and everything's A-OK for the little ones.

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    Billy Idle Sings About ‘Rebel L,’ A Defiantly Loud Letter 

    In "Rebel L," a parody of Billy Idol's song "Rebel Yell," Billy "Idle" is lounging around at night when an "L" in his yard lets out a loud "luh-luh-luh."

    The rebellious "L" sneers:

    I'm a lean, mean lad.
    Don't like to stand for "lacy,"
    "Little lamb," or "lily pad"
    Just want to live for loudness...

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    'When Cookie Met Sally’ Includes An ‘I’ll Have What They’re Having’ Line At A Deli

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    In "When Cookie Met Sally," a Sesame Street parody of the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally, excitable Cookie Monster has trouble waiting his turn in line to get food at a deli, so the more composed Sally tries to help him learn patience.

    When they finally sit down and chomp down on dessert (cookies, of course), a nearby patron says, "I'll have what they're having," recalling the famed line from the film spoken after Meg Ryan demonstrates what a faked intimate moment sounds like.  

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    ‘House of Bricks’ Is ‘The Three Little Pigs’ Featuring Frank Underwolf

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    The lesson is subtraction in Sesame Street's "House of Bricks," a mashup of "The Three Little Pigs" and Netflix's political drama series House of Cards. Frank Underwolf huffs and puffs and blows down the little pigs' homes (i.e., subtracts them).

    "Some people say there's too much pork in this town; I couldn't agree more," says Underwolf, who's after the White Brick House, which turns out to be a house made of literal playing cards.

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    Bert Reads What He Calls A ‘Steamy’ Book: ‘Fifty Shades of Oatmeal’

    In a brief moment at the beginning of a Sesame Street episode segment where Ernie and Elmo try to get Bert to star in their movie, Bert sits on a bench reading a book titled Fifty Shades of Oatmeal, clearly a reference to E.L. James's widely read (and panned) romantic novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

    Bert's book is considerably less R-rated. "One - beige. Two - tan. Wow, this is steamy stuff," he says.

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