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Celebrities Share Their Experiences Being On ‘Sesame Street’

Updated December 30, 2019 7.8k views21 items

For most people who grew up in and around the United States, Sesame Street was a large part of their formative years. The various people and Muppets who have appeared on the series over the years have helped teach generations of children how to count, spell, sing, and dance, and since 1969, the series has been aided by more than 700 celebrity guest stars.

For some, getting a spot on Sesame Street is all about bragging rights, or having something their kids can be proud of, while others enjoy an opportunity to help children whenever they can. Over the years, some of these famous folks have spoken about their time on the show, and while there have been hundreds, these celebrities have all looked back on their time on Sesame Street with these fond anecdotes about their experiences.