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Seth Cohen Is A Disgrace To Nerds And A Horribly Manipulative, Narcissistic Character

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The first time you watched The O.C., Seth Cohen probably seemed like the perfect boyfriend. He was dorky, alternative, funny, charming, and on top of all that, he was played by dreamy dreamboat Adam Brody. But if you've indulged in a nostalgic re-watch of the show, you might have come to a jarring realization: Seth Cohen sucks.  

Seth is manipulative. Seth is a narcissist. Seth bites the head off anyone who dares change the conversation topic from him and his romantic woes. His neurosis is eating him up inside. But Seth is genuinely convinced he's a nice guy. He's basically a proto-f*ckboy from before society had the word to describe that particular personality type. Still not convinced? Bast the Phantom Planet and dive into this roundup of all the reasons Seth Cohen is the worst.

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    He Juggles Dating Summer And Anna At The Same Time

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    Even though Seth spends most of his life pining over Summer, he hitches his wagon to the pixie-cut sporting, comic-book loving, sailing enthusiast Anna – just as Summer is coming around to the idea of dating him. Seth compares the two women and makes out with them both at Thanksgiving. He eventually settles on Anna, only to break up with her because his feelings for Summer are just too strong. Charming.

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    He Thinks He's The Entire Reason Anna Is Leaving Newport

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    Shortly after Seth and Summer finally get together in Season 1, Anna decides she's leaving Newport to go back to Pittsburgh. As soon as she announces this, Seth begins following her around, demanding an explanation. Seth is convinced he's the one and only reason Anna could want to go, even as she lists the seasons and her grandparents as being what's luring her back home.

    Seth freaks out in front of Summer about a confusing letter from Anna. He runs to the airport shouting about how he knows she loves him. She clarifies that it's "as a friend." Seth might think he's coming across as adorable, but as Anna says, he's being self-absorbed.

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    He Leaves His Girlfriend Behind To Hang Out On A Boat

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    By the time the Season 1 finale rolls around, you would think things would be going smoothly for Seth and Summer. Wrong! Several spanners get thrown in the works and Ryan ends up driving out of town, leaving Marissa to hit the bottle and stare forlornly at a limo while the sweet, sad strains of "Hallelujah" play across a bummer of a montage.  

    This sparks something in Seth. He leaves Summer a note saying that without Ryan, there's nothing keeping him in this town. Not even his girlfriend is enough to lure him from the siren's call of the ocean, where he decides to go wallow in man pain for summer break.

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    He's Super Condescending About Summer's SAT Results

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    Seth definitely loves Summer – that’s not up for debate. But at times, he treats her like a beautiful dummy. Summer has depth, though, and it turns out she's incredibly intelligent. She got an amazing SAT score that was better than Seth's, a fact that's met with derision and condescension on his part. Sure, he comes around, but his initial reaction is bitterness that he isn't better than her at something.

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