The Greatest Seth Rogen Quotes About Weed

As if it was not apparent from his many stoner roles in films like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Pineapple Express, Seth Rogen has no problem with marijuana. The Canadian actor, writer and producer is surprisingly blunt about the drug, bringing us numerous funny and witty Seth Rogen weed quotes.

It's no coincidence that Rogen portrays stoners in his films as he's admitted in several interviews that he uses the drug medicinally. Rogen is the mastermind behind many of the best modern-day comedy films and cites his use of pot as one way he finds his inspiration for being funny.

From his appearances on late night television talk shows to promote his films to interviews with magazines and websites, these Seth Rogen weed quotes show exactly why he was named the Top CelebStoner of our generation.

  • Wedding Day Nerves

    Wedding Day Nerves
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    When Seth appeared on Howard Stern's show on January 9th 2011, he was asked how he got through the day:

    "I didn't get drunk, but I was totally f**king baked the whole day. . . there were probably 100 people smoking weed there"
  • I Think I'm A Bad Influence

    I Think I'm A Bad Influence
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    Promoting a non-weed-based film, the 2011 release of 50/50, Seth Rogen made an appearance on The Late Show in September 2011 to sit down with David Letterman for an interview. Before discussing the film, Letterman asked Seth about his personal life and his trend of making films centered on marijuana use. Seth describes how marijuana is part of his life and the lives of those around him.

    Letterman: "In your own life, what percentage of the day are you loaded?"

    Seth: "Uh, I wake up and go to the bathroom, so that takes 20 minutes. I don't know what percentage 20 minutes is but subtract that from 100 and pretty much that amount of time."

    Letterman: "Really?!?"

    Seth: "No, no, not at all."

    Letterman: "Now what about your fiance? Does she share this interest?"

    Seth: "Uh not really, probably a little more since she started dating me. I think I'm a bad influence. I either get you to start smoking weed or I make you stop smoking weed. I will do one of those two things to you."

    Letterman: "Now how old were you when you began?"

    Seth: "I was around 13 years old, which is pretty young, but I'm fine so I wouldn't worry about it."
  • I'll Admit To Smoking Weed...

    I'll Admit To Smoking Weed...
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    Despite making it big for smoking weed in several films, Seth Rogen revealed during a September 26, 2011, interview with Howard Stern that not all of his business partners approve of the lifestyle. He mentioned that prior to doing press interviews for The Green Hornet, Sony actually told him to lay off the weed stories. Seth however had a different approach.

    Seth: "When I was promoting 'Green Hornet,' Sony asked me to not tell too many weed stories. And I said, 'I don't think I'm capable of doing that.' It's kind of the only thing I can talk about... I'll admit to smoking weed all the time but I'll never admit to being stoned."
  • The Saying That Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug Is Bullsh*t

    The Saying That Marijuana Is a Gateway Drug Is Bullsh*t
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    "It's just the easiest drug to buy. . . who start's with heroin? You can't even meet a heroin dealer until you know a bunch of weed dealers. You have to work your way up." - on The Howard Stern Show in 2013
  • I Have A Very Specific Ailment

    I Have A Very Specific Ailment
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    Appearing on Conan in 2010, Seth Rogen spoke with the late-night host about medical marijuana and Proposition 19, which dealt with medical marijuana in the state of California. In the interview, Rogen explained that he does in fact have a medical marijuana prescription for what he described as a "very specific ailment."

    Conan: "Now, I don't want to make any assumptions about you; I know you, I don't say I know you better than a lot of people in the business, but I'm guessing that you were disappointed that Proposition 19 failed. Is that an assumption?"

    Seth: "I was, I was very – the marijuana proposition, yeah. But the good news is, literally anyone on Earth can get a medical marijuana card."

    Conan: "Well in this state – that's the thing that I couldn't understand - in this state people were so, it was such a big question: will they legalize marijuana or not? And it looks like it's fairly easy thing to do, to get a medical marijuana card."

    Seth: Yes, I have a medical marijuana prescription, personally. I went in, they said, 'what do you need it for?' and I said, 'I have a very specific ailment – it's called, I ain't got no weed on me right now.'"

    Conan: "I ain't go no weed on me."

    Seth: That's how I worded it. And the lady said, 'we actually have just the thing for that.'"
  • We Aren't Potheads

    We Aren't Potheads
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    Appearing alongside fellow actor James Franco at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards to present an award. The funny men did a skit regarding the use of marijuana, going as far as to smoke the presumably fake substance on stage. As shown in the broadcast, MTV distanced themselves from the act by panning to a wide shot. Rogen later spoke about the incident stating that MTV was well aware of the script ahead of time, then changed their tune after the fact.

    Seth: "We're here to present the award for Best Summer Movie So Far - whatever in the world that means."

    James: "MTV said only two potheads like us would be crazy enough to present such a ridiculous award."

    Seth: "In reality, we aren't potheads at all. We don't even smoke weed in real life."

    James: "Exactly. Like on the set of Pineapple Express, we didn't even smoke. It was all fake weed."

    Seth: "It was. It was like this huge bag of weed right here. This is not weed."

    James: "Or this huge fatty joint right here isn't actually a huge fatty joint."

    Seth: "And this lighter is not a real lighter."

    James: "And he didn't really light that joint."

    Seth: "And we're realy not smoking a big, fatty joint from this giant bag of fake weed on live television right this second."

    James: "And this isn't really good s**t, man."

    Seth: "It isn't really good weed at all. It's totally fake."

    James: "And so, kids, don't really smoke fake weed like this."