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11 Severus Snape Fan Theories That Might Be Too Good To Be True

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Few characters in the history of pop culture have had such a quick turnaround in public opinion like Severus Snape. Which is reflected in these Severus Snape fan theories. He was loathed by the Harry Potter fandom for years until all of his intentions were revealed in the final book. Everything he did was to ultimately protect Harry because he was in love with Lily the entire time. With this revelation, it completely changed how fans viewed his actions in the books and films. It only makes sense for a slew of Severus Snape fan theories to pop up over the years to add further complexity to such an interesting character.

From the first book and movie to his final moments, these fan theories run the gamut of Snape's presence in the Harry Potter universe. Which ones do you think are plausible? Which ones are a little too far-fetched to believe. Vote for the Snape fan theories you find convincing to help it reach the top of the list. After all this time, now's your chance to always show your respect for the potions master. 

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    Dumbledore Never Put Snape in Charge of DADA Because It Was Cursed

    No Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher lasts longer than a year at Hogwarts. Redditors /u/yayajosh believes the reason Snape never got his dream job until Year 6 was because Dumbledore knew the position was cursed.

    We learn that Voldemort cursed the position, or at the very least, his final year at Hogwarts was when anyone had held the position longer than one year. Dumbledore didn't want anything bad happening to Snape, so he never gave him the job. 

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      Snape Gave Harry A Coded Message When They First Met

      This is a well-known theory re-posted by Redditor /u/Big_Digger_Nick1999. During Harry's first potions class, Snape asks him, "What would I get if I added powdered root of asophodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

      "Asophodel" is a flower from the lily family that means "My regrets follow you to the grave." Wormwood means "absence." Therefore, Snape was really saying to Harry, "I bitterly regret Lily's death."

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        Snape's Hatred for James Potter Runs Much Deeper

        With Snape being madly in love with Lily, it makes sense for him to hate James. However, Redditor /u/Obversa posits there are other reasons why Snape loathed Harry's father. 

        James had loving, doting parents while Snape's parents were neglectful. The Potters were Purebloods while Snape had muggles in his lineage, which caused problems with him being sorted into Slytherin. James was everything Snape wanted to be, and he ended up with the girl in the end. 

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          Snape Inherited His Mastery of Legilimency and Occlumency

          Redditor /u/Obversa suggests that the reason Snape is so proficient with legilimency and occlumency is that his mother, Eileen Prince, was also naturally gifted. In fact, in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we hear of Leta Lestrange in passing, and it's entirely possible she's Snape's grandmother. 

          His mastery being passed down would explain why he's even able to put up a mental fight against Voldemort. 

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