Weird History What Sex Was Like in Pre-Modern China  

Lyra Radford
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Sex in pre-modern China, and Chinese views on sexuality, have undergone dramatic changes. In early Chinese society homosexual, bisexual, and extra-marital sex were acceptable. Then, Taoist sexual practices came into play, which were more spiritual in nature. Women were the yin and men the yang essence, and they could merge and share their energy with each other. This concept led men in pre-modern China to prostitutes, to acquire as much energy as possible.

In ancient China, sexuality was unrestricted and practiced indiscriminately.  It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what sex was like in ancient China, because it was so many things. This list explores the many facets of ancient Chinese sexuality, while providing some very strange dynastic China sex facts. 

Cave People Made Prehistoric Bisexual Porn

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The people of Xinjiang, a remote region of northwest China, are not only responsible for creating the earliest form of porn, but also some of the most graphic pornographic artwork in the world. The carvings were discovered in the 1980s by Chinese archaeologist Wang Binghua. Among other things, the 3,000-year-old petroglyphs depict a massive, bisexual orgy, complete with monkey masks.

Men Loaned Out Their Wives for the Night

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China was more hospitable than most ancient societies, to say the least. It was common practice for men to let travelers have sex with their wives. It was believed travelers were distinguished, and sexy time with them would bring in new blood and herald a better future. Husbands would set travelers up with a place to stay and ensure all his needs were met. 

Emperors Had Complex Schedules to Manage Their Constant Sexcapades

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In ancient China, emperors juggled a very full and complex sex schedule, which was essentially a tightly controlled rotation of concubines chosen from a roster of thousands of women. Emperor Sui Yang To (AD 581-618), for instance, had one main queen, two deputy queens, six royal consorts, 72 madams, and 3,000 palace maidens.  

The Princess Who Like Orgies at the Brothel

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In 14th-century China, brothels were legal, registered, tax-paying businesses. There was no social stigma associated with visiting prostitutes during this time. Sung Dynasty princess Shan-Yin even had her own custom bed made to accommodate up to 30-men, who would pleasure her simultaneously