Weird History 10 Super Kinky Facts About Sex in Ancient Egypt  

Aaron Edwards
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If you thought the Romans and Greeks were liberal when it came to sex, prepare to be shocked. Sex in ancient Egypt had almost no limits, but that doesn't mean they did everything they could think of. They didn't have orgies, but they pushed boundaries that would make even the Romans balk. Sex with animals, sex with corpses, and sex with siblings weren't just practices seen in the noble families but with citizens of every class.

Still, it wasn't like the streets of Egypt were overflowing with men and women having sex with the corpses of animals. They actually had some strict rules about things like adultery and used early forms of birth control. They also kept records of their practices, which paved the way for advances in sex in the centuries since. So, if you were ever curious about how crazy things got in ancient Egypt, check out the list of ancient Egyptian sex facts below!

Necrophilia Was A Concern During The Embalming Process

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Most people know that Egyptians often practiced mummification, but the embalmers who performed the process didn't always respect the corpse as much as they should have. Ancient writers like Herodotus reported that at least one embalmer was rumored to have been caught having sex with the corpse of a beautiful woman, which led to worries about widespread intercourse between embalmers and the corpses of famous or particularly beautiful women. The practice was frowned upon, and if someone was discovered using the corpses for carnal purposes, they were "denounced." 

They Used Dung And Acacia Gum For Birth Control

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The Egyptians were conscientious about making babies. Sometimes, they just didn't want it to happen, so they created their own methods of birth control. One method detailed on an ancient papyrus records that they used gum made from the sap of the acacia tree because it had spermicidal properties. Among other contraceptives was a substance made from honey and sodium carbonate as well as a pessary (a kind of diaphragm) made of crocodile dung. 

Cleopatra Is Rumored To Have Made A 'Vibrator' Out Of Bees

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Cleopatra was no stranger to sex. When the Romans came around, Cleopatra had an illegitimate son with Julius Caesar. Later, she hooked up with Mark Antony, which ended up costing her life. When she didn't have any Roman men around to seduce, she'd find ways to entertain herself. Rumor has it she filled a box with bees and used it as a vibrator

Egyptians Had a Lot of Sex with Animals - Even Crocodiles

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Egyptian gods and goddesses often took the shape of animals, so the Egyptians really didn't have much of a problem with having sex with just about anything with four legs. In fact, there are hieroglyphs depicting bestiality going all the way back to 3000 BCE. Men often had sex with cows, while women got down with dogs. There are even reports of sex with apes.

The most dangerous sex act they ever attempted? Sex with a crocodile. There were apparently masters of the act who figured out how to not get eaten in the process.