Rank the Sexiest Current Female Athletes

Athletic women are hot, but when you're a professional athlete who's one of the best at the sport, it makes them even sexier. Featuring tennis players, soccer players, gymnasts, MMA fighters, professional wrestlers, Olympians, extreme sports athletes, and more, these are the sexiest current female athletes. As physical performers, sporty women usually have toned muscles, sexy abs, and a great butt. When you combine all this with talent, that makes one very sexy female athlete. 

Including Alex Morgan, Maria Sharapova, Ronda Rousey, and more, this list has internationally known athletes as well as up and coming sportswomen.

Who's the sexiest current female athlete? Vote for the hottest athletic girls!

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  • Alica Schmidt
    1,116 votes

    Alica Schmidt

  • Jutta Leerdam
    952 votes

    Jutta Leerdam

  • Silje Norendal
    1,286 votes
  • Marina Schneider
    416 votes
  • Helena Jiranová
    412 votes

    Helena Jiranová

  • Sophie Weißenberg
    398 votes

    Sophie Weißenberg