The Sexiest Movie Casts from the 70s

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Which sizzlin' '70s films heated up the bigscreen most? Vote up your favorite sexy casts.

The 1970's was kicking in the lessons learned during the sexual revolution, mainly by having really hot actors and actresses star in major motion pictures. Click here to see the Best 70s Movies list. These are not only some of the best movies of the decade, but they also have some of the best actors and best actresses of the 1970s. Check them out on this list of People Magazine Cover Models in the 1970s. See more of these sexy stars at the list of the Best Sitcoms of the 70s.

From funny movies like Grease to sad movies like Carnal Knowledge to scary movies like Carrie, the range on this list features award-winning films that just so happen to star sexy girls and hot famous guys. Speaking of Carrie and sexiness, you can also check out The 26 Sexiest Pictures of a Young Carrie Fisher to relive the decade in glamour.