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Nothing quite compares to watching a bunch of ripped, hot, sweaty men running around AND being the best at what they do. This list of the sexiest sports superstars is a round-up of all the hottest athletes in the world; from tennis to soccer to golf there will be no hot athlete left behind. From the sexy shirtless men of the Super Bowl to the hottest golfers on the links (they exist!), the hottest athletes in the world are all here for your perusal. Don't be confused: this is not the list of the best athletes ever(though some of them are as athletically gifted as they are...gifted in other ways), but of the best looking athletes the planet has to offer.

Who is the hottest male athlete? Who are the sexiest sports superstars? Use this list to find out. If the man you think is the sexiest shirtless athlete isn't on the list, make sure to add him so others can marvel at his abs, butt, pecs, and athletic prowess (if you must). If you want to see some more hot guys, check out all of Ranker's hot guys lists.
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