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Destiel vs. Wincest: A History Of Supernatural's Craziest Ships

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Supernatural has always been a show that’s very aware of its fanbase and what its shipping preferences are. In fact, the show has made references to these ships on more than one occasion. The show is incredibly meta (that's part of its appeal), and has mocked (while also celebrating) its fandom through a popular book series that exists within the show -- a series called Supernatural. It's pretty on-the-nose. The fans of the novels within the show ship Wincest and Destiel with as much zeal as their real-life counterparts.

Some of these ships pair angels with angels, some angels with demons, and some humans with classic cars. If that’s the type of thing that ruffles your celestial feathers, it’s best you turn back. If that type of thing revs your engine, then carry on my wayward son. (Insert epic drum noises). 


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    Photo: CW

    Characters: Dean Winchester and Castiel

    Destiel is arguably the biggest ship in the Supernatural fandom. It’s won several polls for favorite TV couple, even though the relationship between the hunter and the fallen angel isn’t exactly canonical. The ship is sometimes referred to as the “profound bond," which is how Castiel describes his relationship with Dean in the episode “The Third Man.”

    Destiel shippers point to the intimacy between the characters and their tendency to occupy each other’s personal space as key signs of something more than friendship. Also, several characters in the show often tease the two about their bond. For example, in the episode,“My Heart Will Go On,” when talking to Dean, Balthazar refers to Castiel as “the angel in the dirty trench coat who’s in love with you.”

    Like Wincest, the show does reference Destiel from time to time. In the episode “Fanfiction,” for example, a group of Supernatural (see, there’s a book series in the show called Supernatural - it’s very meta) fans put on a play about the characters in the show and the actresses who play Dean and Castiel are depicted as an affectionate couple. It’s a very knowing nod to Destiel shippers.

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    Dean And The Impala

    Photo: CW

    Characters: Dean Winchester and his Chevy Impala

    One can definitely make the case that Dean loves his Impala more than anything and anyone. When he comes back from the dead, one of his main concerns is always the state of his car. It’s one of the things he can always depend on. And, because it was his father’s car, it holds a special place in his heart. Fans have even written fanfiction that features this pairing. Venture at your own risk, things get... oily. 

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    Characters: Sam Winchester and Gabriel

    Although Gabriel didn’t appear in many episodes, he quickly became a fan favorite. He was one of the few angels who, as Dean would say, didn’t have a stick up his ass. He and Sam didn't appear in many scenes together, but they’ve become one of the bigger ships in the fandom.

    Dean has his angel buddy, so naturally, Sam should get one too. Some Sabriel fans cite the parallels between Sam and Gabriel as one of the reasons their relationship works. They both have issues with their older brothers who were their respective father’s favorites. Also, Gabriel’s sassy attitude is a nice counterpoint to Sam’s more serious one.

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    Bobby And Jody

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    Characters: Bobby Singer and Sheriff Jody Mills

    Bobby and Jody started off as a nuisance to one another -- Jody thought of Bobby as the local drunk and a troublemaker. Her perception of him changed once (through a series of painful events) she learned about the existence of the supernatural. Throughout the series, the two characters save each other’s lives several times. In the episode "Slash Fiction," when Jody unknowingly found a chemical that could hurt the Leviathans, Bobby gave her a passionate kiss. It was an aptly named episode. 

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