What's A Sexist Assumption Someone Made About You While On A Date? Women Share Their Stories

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In a recent video, TikToker drkatermd shared a story in which her date made a few (awful? terribly stupid?) assumptions about her regarding her profession because she didn't immediately disclose the fact that she was a doctor. This started a conversation about sexim as women shared stories about their experiences regarding the opposite sex. Here are few example of dates and relationships gone wrong. Vote up the bachelor in need of the most improvement. 

Watch the TikTok here.

And don't forget about Part II. 


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    He Made Suggestions On How To Be A More Suitable GF

    From Redditor u/berrybunnie:

    I went on a blind date set up by my best friend with a guy who couldn't understand why I ordered a burger and beer instead of a salad or something.

    It didn't end there.

    He kept making comments about my choice in food and that my figure wouldn't last if I ate like that everyday, but how lucky I was because he could help me make improvements to be a more suitable girlfriend.

    Needless to say there was no second date.

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    'Thanks, But I Got This...'

    Posted by kris😇:

    Interrupted me when I was about to order and ordered me a salad...

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    High School Diploma Vs. PhD

    Posted by beth 9891:

    My sister's ex, who had a high school level of education used to try and mansplain chemistry to her. She has a university degree in chemistry and calculus.

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    End Of Date

    Posted by Sarah Beth:

    I said I’m going to school to be a sports broadcaster and that I love football. He responded with “You're THAT desperate to find a husband...”

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    'How Cute?'

    Posted by always:

    I told him I’m a teacher and he said, "How cute. What subject?" And I said math. He said, “Women teach math?”

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    ...She Had To Save Him & He Still Didn't Believe

    Posted from lily f.:

    Boy told me he’s never seen me surf, so he didn’t believe that I did. Even though I’ve surfed for four years and had to rescue him in the water. 👩‍🦯