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Blatant Moments Of Sexism In Comic Books That Are Trying To Be Progressive

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It's no secret that sexism in comic books has, and continues to be, a problem. From Superman spanking Lois Lane to Ant-Man domestically abusing Wasp and superheroines being continually drawn in leering and anatomically ridiculous ways, sexism in comics is still as prevalent as ever. Even when comic books are trying to be progressive they can still manage to be incredibly demeaning, patronizing, or just plain offensive toward women.

Historical moments to celebrate like Lois Lane starring in her own spin-off series or Wonder Woman being the first woman inducted into the Justice Society have been marred by sexist blunders. Meanwhile, in the modern day, impractical and needlessly over-sexualized costumes are explained away in a fashion that usually just makes things a lot worse.

Here are some of the most sexist moments in comic book history in stories that ruined their progressive context.