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13 Video Games That Might Just Be A Little Sexist

It's not exactly inaccurate to say that video games have had, over the years, been perpetuating sexist stereotypes or generally marginalizing women as gamers and females as characters. It doesn't help that, in the early 2000s, women were forced out of gaming culture both on a consumer and a developmental level. While it's improving, video game sexism is alive and well.

Whether it's a popular sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto V or a classic RPG like Final Fantasy VII, it's just hard to ignore that gaming has had a problem with portraying women in a positive fashion, or at least in a fashion that is equal to men – or, frequently portraying women at all. While this list has examples of female characters being treated or portrayed horribly, what this list doesn't show is how many games women are effectively absent or background characters. 

This list discusses the most egregious offenders, but, unfortunately, it is only a fraction of the sexist titles out there. Without further ado, here are some examples – both recent and older – of video games that might just be a little sexist.