culture Totally Inappropriate Types of Workplace Sexual Harassment You’re Still Seeing  

Lowe Saddler
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List Rules Are these things still issues in your workplace? Vote up the types of workplace sexual harassment you still encounter, even though they cross the line.

Throughout the final months of 2017, a dialogue has intensified in America about sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. As countless famous men have been accused of misconduct following Harvey Weinstein's very public Hollywood outing, the average person may naturally wonder how this conversation extends to their own life, and their own workplace. Certain inappropriate, unwanted behaviors make for a toxic work environment and in a time when sexual misconduct runs rampant, it's important to know when your actions cross the line and are harmful, not harmless. For many, being treated differently and inappropriately by coworkers and superiors is, unfortunately, all too common - do you still encounter totally out of line harassment in your office?

On the national level, brave victims have been willing to step forward and shine a light upon the wide-ranging scope of abuse across every industry, and "The Silence Breakers" were even named Time magazine's 2017 Person of the Year. Because of them, people are finally starting to discuss this important topic and push for change. The acts that we’ve read about in the news are obviously out of line, many even criminal, but some people are genuinely curious to know where the line is drawn between being friendly and making someone truly uncomfortable. There are things that most employees want in their workplaces but harassment is hardly one of them.

A variety of relatively common office actions and situations are collected below. Do you still experience them in your 9-to-5? Which do you most want to stop across the board? Join the conversation by casting your votes and help educate others on what small steps to take to make for a safer world for all.

474 31
Telling Lies Or Spreading Rumors About A Coworker's Sex Life

455 36
Whistling Or Catcalling

597 74
Rubbing A Coworker On The Back Or Neck

648 92
Talking About Highly Personal Topics (Like One's Sex Life) With Coworkers

390 56
Looking A Coworker Up And Down

397 65
Sending A Coworker A Social Media Request And Continuing To Post Risqué Photos

363 54
Complimenting A Coworker's Physique In Certain Clothes

421 75
Sharing Inappropriate Photos Of A Scantily-Clad Celebrity With A Coworker

544 121
Telling Dirty Jokes In Front Of Coworkers

375 63
Mansplaining, Or Explaining Things In A Sexist Manner

432 107
Calling A Female Coworker Honey, Sweetheart, Girl, Or Darling

475 138
Kissing A Coworker On The Cheek As A Greeting

344 79
Making Suggestions About A Coworker's Attire

334 80
Commenting On A Coworker's Risqué Social Media Photos

327 91
Asking About A Coworker's Love Life

374 115
Calling a Male Coworker Honey, Sweetie, Or Boy

296 99
Enquiring If Or When A Coworker Plans To Become Pregnant

321 156
Telling A Coworker That He Or She Is Attractive

260 220
Asking A Coworker To Dinner Or Drinks Alone

158 211
Telling A Coworker That His Or Her Outfit Is Inappropriate

93 245
Hugging A Coworker When He Or She Has Had A Rough Day