Total Nerd This Artist Draws Sexier Versions Of Your Favorite Characters  

Chanel Hwang
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Sakimichan takes pop culture icons and transforms them from sexy to sexier in amazing fan art. A digital artist who started on paper, Sakimichan loves to lend a helping hand to other artists. She offers tutorials and classes through Patreon while pursuing excellence in her craft. As someone who is always learning, she eagerly shares her progress and techniques with others via videos and illustrated guides. 

Compiled here is a list of anime, video game, and TV show girls masterfully drawn by Sakimichan. Characters who are already cute and gorgeous are taken to a heightened level of alluring and sensual. Be prepared see some cleavage and eye-popping visuals, and vote up the best drawings where the ladies have gone from adorable to risqué. 

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Raven And Starfire From Teen Titans


Photo: Sakimichan/DeviantArt

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Misty From Pokemon


Photo: Sakimichan/DeviantArt

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Android 18 From Dragon Ball Z


Photo: Sakimichan/DeviantArt

221 36 From Overwatch In A Swimwear Selfie


Photo: Sakimichan/DeviantArt