Graveyard Shift

True Stories of Shadow People Scaring the Living Crap Out of Their Victims

Thanks to the Internet, the phenomena of shadow people, those nebulous dark figures that haunt the corners of your bedroom and hide under your bed, has begun to coalesce into a kind of gestalt. The stories of real shadow people take on a variety of forms, from the classic haunted house narrative, to stories of men and women who can’t escape a malevolent force no matter how far away from the entity they move.

As you read these true stories of shadow people, keep in mind the ages of most of the people who dealt with these specters. Many of them were either going through puberty or deep emotional distress when they experienced their haunting, which gives credence to the idea that our mental state has something to do with our ability to make contact with the other side.

Another thing that you’ll learn about in this collection of true stories of shadowy hauntings are the many different types of shadow people, from the classic nebulous, spooky presence that engulfs an entire room to the shadow man in a hat that has somehow managed to permeate the culture despite its obscurity to mainstream thought. If you’re prone to being easily spooked, you may want to keep a night light ready after you read these real stories of shadow people.

What’s your verdict on these shadow people? Have you ever experienced a similar nighttime terror that you’ve been too afraid to bring up to family and friends? If so, tell us about it in the comments.