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Shameless Fan Theories

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Showtime has given us eight action packed, wildly dramatic seasons of Shameless. Throughout these eight seasons, the Gallaghers have become America's most beloved anti-heroes. We've watched them struggle to find their way out of poverty and get sucked back in every single time. They've made us laugh, they've made us cry and they've certainly made our jaws drop – from Frank's seeming immortality to Debbie's transformation into a street savvy con artist – and we're dying to know what will happen next. While you wait, you can also check out other shows like Shameless.

Fans may speculate about Shameless, but the Gallaghers are wildcards at their very core. Not even the most thought-out theories about Shameless can predict the future of the show (admit it: the methamphetamine inheritance in Season 7's finale was truly insane). While none of us know exactly what will happen in Shameless, we do know that the Gallaghers will find trouble. Some fans have managed to fill in the dots and develop theories of their own - from Carl discovering he's not actually Frank's son to Fiona realizing her true sex addiction.

These 12 Shameless fan theories may be wild, but with the Gallagher family, is anything really a shock?