30 Former Employees Share The Deep, Dark Secrets Their Companies Don't Want You To Know



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“Whats a company secret you can share now that you don't work there?” - u/broadway96

Want to know the secret to Outback Steakhouse's tasty steaks? Or which slot machines to pick in Vegas? Former workers with expired NDAs share the secrets from their workplace that most people don't know. Here are a 30 tips, tricks, and secrets folks shared about their former companies. 


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    How To Make The Most From A One-Armed Bandit

    From Redditor u/mskitesurf:

    Was a slot tech at a casino. The machines have to payback a certain percent over a certain amount of time. 

    Play the slot machines in the bar counters. They are set to return a higher percent in that same time (sometimes up to 8-10% higher than the lowest machines). 

    Stay away from machines in high traffic areas and near the doors.

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    The Return Practices At Radio Shack

    From Redditor u/wildescrawl:

    They are out of business now, but in the early 90s I worked at Radio Shack for a year and a half. When people would return an item because it didn't work, the manager of the store would just box it back up and sell it again as if it were new. When I asked him about it he said, "Hopefully they will return it to a different store."

    I nearly got fired when I refused to sell a guy a walkie talkie CB radio that I knew didn't work. The guy was on his way out for a hunting trip and was buying three of these for him and his friends. We had two and the third was the broken one. In front of the customer, I told the manager that one didn't work and I had tested it. The guy was happy I told him, we arranged for him to get the last one he needed at a different store and off he went. The manager was livid with me and nearly fired me. I'm sorry, I'm not sending people out into the forest with gear I know doesn't work.

    Hilariously, a few months later the manager was caught stealing from the store and got fired.

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    Be Wary When Buying A Wedding Dress

    From Redditor u/melaninhue:

    Had a friend who worked for a bridal dress company, she would tell me all her stories after work. They intentionally will bring back the “wrong” dress in attempts to get you to try it on, fall in love, and buy a more expensive wedding dress. 

    They’ll walk you through the more expensive sections so you look through dresses out of your budget and want to try them on. They often forget to check if the dress you requested is in stock for the timeframe you’ve requested, again so that you’ll have to pay more for faster shipping or a nicer dress. It’s a very predatory business masked by complements, thinly veiled body shaming, and incredibly underpaid and understaffed stores.

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    Your Social Security Number Is Not A Guarded Secret

    From Redditor u/Pergmanexe:

    Worked in insurance, hundreds of people have access to your SSN with no security clearance or background check.

    From Redditor u/2PlasticLobsters:

    The same is true of every HR office in existence.

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    About Olive Garden's Infamous Breadsticks

    From Redditor u/6billionyearsold:

    Olive Garden breadsticks are just Franz brand breadsticks, garlic salt, and butter ETA: It's margarine, not butter. I forgot there is a difference :p

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    Want New Furniture That Is Actually New? Pick It Up Yourself

    From Redditor u/darkaire08:

    I worked for Ashley Furniture. Most of the furniture you have delivered has been torn or broken, and then fixed by "techs" in the warehouse. I saw countless couches get broken during the offloading process, and so many scratches to dressers and nightstands. The techs patch them up and pass them to the customer as “new.” Honestly 85% of the products that went out for delivery were repairs.

    If you want to make sure you're getting something really brand new from the manufacturer, go to the warehouse to pick up your furniture. They will have to hand it directly to you without opening prior, and do yourself a favor and open it there to inspect it. You can ask them to open it, it's not rude, it's actually part of their responsibilities. The delivery fee is over $200 so you'll be saving yourself money plus the time it would take for them to pick something up that you later found was damaged.

    Also those really big bed posts that look like carved tree trunks are actually 4x4s with some kind of plaster moulded around to look hand-crafted. They are cheap. I dropped one once and it shattered into a million pieces.

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