WATCH Great White Shark Breaches Right In Front Of Cage Divers  

Rebecca High

These cage divers got the shock of a lifetime when they filmed a great white shark nicknamed Nemo breaching right in front of them off the coast of South Africa.

While cage diving is more typically seen in tanks or more controlled and predictable environments, these brave adventurers were diving in a cage out in open water when the shark approached.

Typically, sharks breach in order to get catch fast-moving prey, such as seals. They can reach up to 40 miles per hour and attain heights up to 10 feet above the water line as they move in for the kill.

However, shark breaching is fairly rare because the shark utilizes so much energy to propel itself, which is why these divers were no doubt caught completely off-guard when the shark rushed in. Watch the video for this unforgettably up-close shark encounter!