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12 Fascinating Facts Most People Don't Know About Shark Feeding Frenzies

Shark hunts are often portrayed as vicious blood baths of extreme proportions. Luckily, that's pretty far from the truth. Shark food habits tend to revolve around calm, stealthy kills, prey mostly consisting of fish, and sharks eating alone. However, there is an occasional instance where all that tranquility goes out the window...and that's a shark feeding frenzy. When these frenzies happen, sharks go nuts, biting anything and everything they can get their teeth into. Even other sharks.

But even during a frenzy, shark violence still not everything you see in movies. Sharks don't go into a violent rage where they seek out people to kill. Although scientists are still uncovering more about sharks and why they go into frenzies, what they do know so far is just as fascinating as it is terrifying. 

So, whether you're still afraid to go back in the water, or you think sharks are the coolest animals out there, prepare to learn something. You'll have to decide if what you find out is scary, or just plain awesome.