Weird Nature Terrifying Drone Footage Captures Shark Swimming Right Below Kayakers  

Mick Jacobs

Usually the sight of a shark fin in the ocean is cause enough for alarm. However, the shark seen in the video blow just wants to hang out; hunting appears to be the very last thing on its mind.

Most people never get this close to one of nature's most remarkable predators except for in an aquarium, but these lucky kayakers and paddle boarders got a first-class look at a shark, one who has no idea how cool it is.

The people on their kayaks and boards react just as calmly as the shark does, creating an inter-species hangout quite different than walking a dog or riding a horse.

Do you think you could share the same waters with a shark? Watch this shark share the waters with a few humans, and maybe reconsider going for a swim in the ocean.

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