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Most Dramatic Meltdowns on Shark Tank

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Shark Tank is one of television's most successful reality shows because it blends interesting personalities, cool innovations, and hard-core negotiating. It's everything that the American dream stands for, the belief that anyone with an idea and passion can make something of themselves... Nah, it's actually just fun watching people freak out on national television. 

Not every entrepreneur comes with an open mind and cool head. Some people believe they have such a good idea that the Sharks are idiots for not seeing the potential. Look at Scott Jordan, who straight-up told the Sharks he didn't want to do business with them; or Aaron McDaniel, who kept insisting the Sharks didn't get it. It's people like them that provide some of the best meltdowns on Shark Tank.

Below you'll find a list of some of the most memorable Shark Tank meltdowns since the show started seven seasons ago. You'll see people crying, you'll see them freaking out, and you'll see them scream with rage. All of them are meltdowns, all of them are enjoyable. 

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    A Man Freezes Up in the Middle of His Pitch

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    Not so much a meltdown as it is a total freeze, Stephan Aarstol became infamous on Shark Tank after he completely forgot his pitch, leaving him and the Sharks in an unbearable state of awkward silence. Stage fright is one of mankind's biggest fears, and to give an important presentation on national television must be tough on the nerves. Flustered, bumbling, and cursing, Aarstol just couldn't form words. "Don't worry," Kevin O'Leary said, "It's only the biggest moment of your life."
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    A Bad Attitude Derails Everything

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    Scott Jordan's pompous attitude and angry meltdown cost him a $1 million dollar deal. Things started off okay for him, but as Robert started pushing, Jordan couldn't take the criticism and fired back at the Sharks. He decided which Sharks were in and which Sharks were out, saying he didn't need Robert or Kevin. "Learn some more respect!" Robert yells after Jordan as he storms off. Yeah, you think?
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    Sometimes It's Best to Leave Your Emotions at the Door

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    "I can do this!" Mikki Bey, a struggling entrepreneur with her own eyelash extension business, yelled at Barbara through tears, "I have done this by myself!" Listen, we live in an unfair society. Men can come on the show, cry, and their stories can affect a Shark's decision. If a woman comes on and melts down like this, she's criticized. Barbara tells Bey that she needs to "give up this crying stuff." To her, as soon as a woman cries, it hurts her credibility. No wonder Bey had a meltdown. 

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    Crying Meltdown Closes a Deal

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    Not all meltdowns turn out badly. When asked what motivates him to do this, entrepreneur Phillip Lapuz suddenly dissolves into tears. He can't help himself, and his sincerity paired with his determination brings the other Sharks to tears. Utterly breaking down, Lapuz talks about how his fiancee lives in Japan and it's too expensive to move her to the United States right now. Lapuz says, through tears, that he would do anything to succeed in order to provide for her. Not a dry eye in the house. Fortunately for Lapuz, his meltdown helped close the deal. 
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