Most Dramatic Meltdowns on Shark Tank

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Shark Tank is one of television's most successful reality shows because it blends interesting personalities, cool innovations, and hard-core negotiating. It's everything that the American dream stands for, the belief that anyone with an idea and passion can make something of themselves... Nah, it's actually just fun watching people freak out on national television. 

Not every entrepreneur comes with an open mind and cool head. Some people believe they have such a good idea that the Sharks are idiots for not seeing the potential. Look at Scott Jordan, who straight-up told the Sharks he didn't want to do business with them; or Aaron McDaniel, who kept insisting the Sharks didn't get it. It's people like them that provide some of the best meltdowns on Shark Tank.

Below you'll find a list of some of the most memorable Shark Tank meltdowns since the show started seven seasons ago. You'll see people crying, you'll see them freaking out, and you'll see them scream with rage. All of them are meltdowns, all of them are enjoyable.