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SharkFest Is Better Than Shark Week, And We Can Prove It

Updated 31 Jul 2018 1.2k views11 items

Discovery Channel's Shark Week is generally considered the go-to source for all things shark-related. But since 2013, it has faced some stiff competition from National Geographic's SharkFest. The latter takes a much different approach to the type of programming it airs, and there are plenty of reasons to watch SharkFest over Shark Week. Both focus on majestic, maligned sea creatures, but SharkFest provides a more objective, all-encompassing approach to its subject.

The differences between these two shark-centric festivities come down to fact versus fiction. Shark Week gets a lot wrong about its subject, and tends to rely on the sensational rather than the scientific. While it could be argued that any show that brings greater awareness to the plight of sharks is a good thing, truth plays an important role here. Take a deep dive into the details of why SharkFest is better than Shark Week.

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