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Surprising Revelations About Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne's Relationship

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The love affair between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has been a matter of public interest even before the premiere of their reality show, The Osbournes, in 2002. The pair appeared to be in sync, with Sharon - Ozzy's manager - guiding her Prince of Darkness husband through life and work, and he, in turn, adoring her. Alas, no marriage is perfect, and Ozzy's antics on and off stage regularly affected their relationship.

During their 30-plus years of marriage, the Osbournes have weathered substance use, infidelity, and other trials that would undo most unions. But they have endured as a couple. Love isn't easy, especially when you're constantly in front of the cameras and in the tabloids. The Osbournes, in interviews and books, have been fairly open about their marriage's ups and downs. Even so, you might not know all the revelations they've made over the years, so here is a complete timeline of their relationship.

  • Sharon Cut Her Wrists To Prove Her Love To Ozzy

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    In a 2014 episode of The Talk, Sharon shared with her co-hosts and a live audience how far she went to prove her love to Ozzy. When she was 27 years old and dating the married Ozzy, the two partied a little too hard at a hotel.

    Ozzy asked Sharon how much she loved him. She responded that she would perish for him. Set on showing the depth of her affection, Sharon took a dirty steak knife from a room service trolley and sliced her right wrist. The wounds bled enough to merit a call to an ambulance and a stay in a mental health facility for her. 

  • Ozzy Took A Dress From Sharon And Urinated On The Alamo

    In an attempt to keep her husband and his addictive personality under wraps during a 1982 tour stop in San Antonio, TX, Sharon hid Ozzy's clothes from him. Instead of calling it a night and going to sleep, the Prince of Darkness stole one of his wife's dresses and went out on the town.

    He made some stops along the way to imbibe more and ended up urinating on the beloved Texas monument the Alamo.

    Police took Ozzy into custody, and he earned a lifetime ban from the city. After he donated $10,000 to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, however, the city lifted Ozzy's banishment in 1992. 

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    They Both Grew Up in Dysfunctional Households

    Sharon's father, Don Arden, managed musical artists and produced their concerts. Through his management of Black Sabbath, Arden facilitated the meeting of his daughter and Ozzy. After Ozzy was fired from the band, Sharon took over his solo career and management. Referred to as "the Al Capone of pop" by the Daily Mail in 2007, Arden allegedly suggested he might terminate his only daughter over the perceived insult. 

    While Arden taught his daughter the ins and outs of the music world, he also demonstrated harshness as part of the career. He allegedly dangled a competitor from a balcony by his feet once. Another time, he reportedly struck a stage manager for messing up the lighting during a performance. 

    Ozzy, meanwhile, grew up in a poor household with five siblings in a working-class family. His parents constantly argued about money, prompting Ozzy to keep them in the dark about the abuse he suffered at age 11. He also had dyslexia, leading to his departure from school at age 15. To make a living, he worked in an abattoir and eventually turned to pilfering.

  • They Fought Each Other Early In The Marriage

    During a 2001 interview with The Guardian, Sharon recounted altercations and other aggressive behaviors early in her marriage:

    Our fights were legendary. We'd beat the sh*t out of each other. At a gig, Ozzy would run off stage during a guitar solo to fight with me, then run back on to finish the song!"

    In his autobiography, I Am Ozzy, her husband shared a story about a dispute between the two when he embarrassed her in front of executives. After taking his clothes off on a table in front of CBS Europe company men, Ozzy attempted to persuade another in attendance to hit him in the face. Instead, Sharon quickly did it, knocking him to the floor.