Surprising Revelations About Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne's Relationship

The love affair between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne has been a matter of public interest even before the premiere of their reality show, The Osbournes, in 2002. The pair appeared to be in sync, with Sharon - Ozzy's manager - guiding her Prince of Darkness husband through life and work, and he, in turn, adoring her. Alas, no marriage is perfect, and Ozzy's antics on and off stage regularly affected their relationship.

During their 30-plus years of marriage, the Osbournes have weathered substance use, infidelity, and other trials that would undo most unions. But they have endured as a couple. Love isn't easy, especially when you're constantly in front of the cameras and in the tabloids. The Osbournes, in interviews and books, have been fairly open about their marriage's ups and downs. Even so, you might not know all the revelations they've made over the years, so here is a complete timeline of their relationship.