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Shawn Mendes Loves and Hookups

Updated September 11, 2019 11.9k views3 items

Who is Shawn Mendes dating? This list features all of the women Shawn Mendes dated, arranged by most recent. Shawn Mendes relationships include fellow musicians and a model. 

The list of Shawn Mendes exes is not very long. The Canadian singer is notoriously tight-lipped about his personal life. One of the most famous Shawn Mendes girlfriends is Hailey Baldwin. Shawn Mendes dated the model and TV personality just before she got engaged to Justin Bieber. So she's definitely on the list as a Shawn Mendes ex girlfriend. Below you’ll find the comprehensive list of people Shawn Mendes dated. The Shawn Mendes dating history features exes as well as their ages and birth places.

Is Shawn Mendes married? No, he is not. And his dating history is not that long at the moment. But if you were wondering, "Does Shawn Mendes have a girlfriend?" unfortunately the answer appears to be yes. He seems to be dating Camila Cabello

Is Shawn Mendes single? It looks like the “Stitches” singer is still looking for that special someone. That is - unless he and Camila Cabello have been fooling everyone and she really is the current Shawn Mendes girlfriend.