Weird Nature Can Ewe Believe It? These Sheep Can Recognize Obama (And Other Celebs) In Bizarre Test  

Mick Jacobs

Sheep deserve more credit than humans are willing to give them credit for. In the video below, a herd of ewes, or female sheep, demonstrate an ability to recognize familiar faces, a trait not observed in many animals.

So who is the lucky person these wooly wonders managed to point out in a lineup? One of them is none other than former US president, Barack Obama.

Yep, these sheep know a leader when they see one. Trained to identify the former commander-in-chief, the ewes received rewards for correctly identifying the politician and other celebrities.

Watch the video below to learn just how intelligent these little fluffers can be. It appears that humanity, who commonly makes note of sheep's tendency to follow the leader, may have underestimated the capabilities of Mary's little lambs.