This Killer Clown Murdered A Woman, Married Her Victim's Husband, And Wasn't Caught For 27 Years

Clowns - especially ones capable of terrifying acts - are easily in the top 10 of shared fears in America. And combining clown crimes with nefarious Florida happenings, it's downright terrifying. In 1990, Sheila Keen slathered on her white face paint and an orange wig to become the woman who took the life of her lover's wife - Marlene Warren - while dressed as a clown. Years later, in 2002, Keen married the widower, Michael Warren. It's a rather bizarre true story. Rather than apprehend Keen for Marlene's passing - which most believed she was responsible for - Keen was free for almost 30 years. That is until 2017.

The Sheila Keen case is just one story in a wide swathe of creepy random clowns popping up across America. What is it about someone who dresses like a children's entertainer that makes them inherently horrifying? Does the clown life drive you to commit heinous actions? Or is it simply a way to add an extra layer of terror to your legal charges? Although the trial is not tentatively set to take place until late 2019, Keen faces first-degree charges for the loss of Marlene Warren's life.