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Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sheldon Cooper

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Without a doubt, the breakout character for The Big Bang Theory has to be Sheldon Cooper. While his quirky mannerisms have rubbed others the wrong way within the show's universe, viewers have loved to check out his antics onscreen. This has led to fans looking to uncover facts and trivia about the character, including what happens behind-the-scenes. From stuff like Sheldon's age to how he impacted pop culture at large, here are facts about the character that fans probably didn't know about.

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    Sheldon And Amy Ended Up Having Children

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    This will not be known to fans of The Big Bang Theory as this bit of exposition was provided by Young Sheldon. As it turns out, Amy and Sheldon go on to have no one but multiple children in the future. What's more, their son is named Leonard after Sheldon's best friend.

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    The Euglossa Bazinga Bee Is Named In Honor Of Sheldon's Catchphrase

    The Euglossa bazinga is a bee species that was discovered in 2012. The species has been named in honor of Sheldon, as "Bazinga!" is his popular catchphrase and the character has a liking for bees.

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    Jim Parsons Played Sheldon Thinking He Has Asperger's Syndrome

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    It's confirmed that Sheldon has no conditions and is just like everyone else. However, Jim Parsons claimed he performed the role with Sheldon thinking the character has Asperger's Syndrome (now commonly known as part of the Autism Spectrum) as Sheldon has some difficulties in understanding social norms.

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    Johnny Galecki Was Originally Approached To Play Sheldon

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    The Sheldon we know and love would never have been possible had Johnny Galecki agreed to the role. Originally, it was Galecki who was penciled in to play Sheldon but he felt he was a better fit for Leonard.

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