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12 Times Sheldon Cooper Was Actually Wrong

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The idea that Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory can be wrong usually isn't broached in the series, as he's established as the smartest character among the cast. However, he's been wrong more than several times due to a combination of his arrogance, lack of pop-culture knowledge, and tendency to overlook small details that ultimately result in his entire project going up in flames. Still, these moments carry with them quite a lot of comedy, so it's worth checking them out.

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    When His Problem Is Fixed By Leslie Winkle

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    In Season 1, episode 5, "The Hamburger Postulate," Leonard hooks up with Leslie Winkle and Sheldon finds his equations tampered with the following morning. However, it turns out his numbers had been wrong, and Leslie had fixed them in passing during the night.

    Rather than acknowledge her part, Sheldon angrily retorts that he doesn't go to Leslie's house to change her work, to which she responds she doesn't have any incorrect work at her place. 

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    When He Makes A Mistake And Shows It To Stephen Hawking

    In Season 5, episode 21, "The Hawking Excitation," Sheldon spends the entire story doing Howard's chores as the latter has a way for Sheldon to meet Stephen Hawking.

    When Sheldon finally does get to meet Hawking at the end, the physicist tells him that the research paper he sent him wasn't bad, but it was rendered incorrect due to an arithmetic error. After Sheldon initially argues with him, he realizes his error and is so aghast at sending a paper with an error to Stephen Hawking that he ends up fainting.

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    When He Claims Bozeman Is The Safest Place But Gets Robbed When He Arrives There

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    In Season 3, episode 13, "The Bozeman Reaction," Sheldon is wracked with fear after his apartment is ransacked. He then spends a long time deliberating over which place is the safest and concludes that Bozeman, MT, is that place.

    Before leaving, he tells his friends they're likely to be stuck in danger while he's going to be living somewhere that's vastly safer. However, the moment he arrives in Bozeman, Sheldon is robbed of his belongings and has to concede he was wrong when he moves back to Pasadena.

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    When He Thinks He's Dying Of Appendicitis But Actually Has Gas

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    In Season 4, episode 2, "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification," Sheldon tries to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but at nighttime approaches Leonard in great pain, claiming he's about to perish. Leonard starts off by telling him he must have had something odd to eat as Sheldon has been changing his eating habits.

    However, Sheldon is adamant that it's serious, leading Leonard to think Sheldon may have appendicitis. Sheldon takes a more bleak, drastic outlook by screaming in agony that his appendix is about to burst. A few moments later, it turns out he had gas all along from the Brussels sprouts he had eaten, meaning his belief he was dying was far from correct.