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13 Times Sheldon Cooper Was Surprisingly Human

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It's no secret that Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory is far from the most emotional person. He spends the first three seasons being something of an enigma, as he comes across as someone who's completely devoid of feelings. However, Sheldon progressively becomes a much more loving and softer person as the series progresses, proving he is a real person with genuine feelings on several occasions. Sometimes, the audience gets to see an instance of rare vulnerability in Sheldon Cooper's sad moments; other times, viewers are treated to scenes in which he is truly happy.

Here are the times this nerd proves he has a big heart among the more serious Big Bang Theory moments.

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    His Emotional Reaction To His Father's Speech

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    In Season 12, episode 10, "The VCR Illumination," Sheldon comes across an old tape of his father giving a speech to his football team about never quitting. Having earlier admitted defeat over rival scientists taking for his work, Sheldon suddenly becomes overwhelmed by his father's words and resolves to fight for himself.

    Before leaving, Sheldon, nearly teary-eyed, thanks his father for inspiring him.

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    He Gets Visibly Emotional After Amy Breaks Up With Him

    In the Season 8 finale, Amy decides to break up with Sheldon after she thinks he doesn't value their relationship. After the call ends, Sheldon is left momentarily speechless and is visibly emotional when he extracts the engagement ring he was going to present to Amy.

    This goes against his long-stated claim that he didn't want to marry, as he now feels he wants to be with Amy.

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    When He Hugs Professor Proton And Calls Him 'Father'

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    Sheldon has always been against physical displays of affection and generally finds the idea itself revolting. However, in Season 6, episode 22, "The Proton Resurgence," after Professor Proton ends up in the hospital, Sheldon is the one to initiate a hug with his idol, even going so far as to call him "father."

    This is a rare case of Sheldon admitting his inner need for a father figure after his real father had passed when he was still a teenager. The fact that he's so willing to hug someone else is proof of this.

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    When He Unloads His Sadness At The Loss Of His Grandfather

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    In Season 6, episode 11, "The Santa Simulation," Leonard asks Sheldon to open up over why he doesn't like Christmas. Having earlier given typically laughable responses, Sheldon finally reveals that his disdain stems from his contempt for Santa. At the age of 5, he had asked Santa to bring his beloved grandfather "Pop-Pop" back to him after his passing, but this wish hadn't been fulfilled. 

    At this moment, Sheldon sheds his bravado and shows the vulnerability he had as a child by openly talking about the sadness he still feels at the loss of Pop-Pop. 

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