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The Best Fan Theories About Sheldon From 'The Big Bang Theory'

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Sheldon was easily the breakout star from The Big Bang Theory and because of that there have been a number of fan theories created over the years analyzing the slightly off-beat character. These represent the best and most interesting theories about everyone's favorite dorky scientist.

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    Sheldon And The Rest Of The Group Are Stuck In Limbo

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    From Redditor u/Theluckygal:

    The reason I came up with this theory is because of the perpetual out of order elevator. I have never seen or heard of an apartment complex in usa where anything would be out of order for so long. And the residents dont mind carrying their groceries, heavy furniture without complaining or moving to a different building at the end of their lease. Also new residents move in without complaining.

    I think Sheldon, Leonard, Raj & Howard died or got seriously injured in the rocket fuel accident in the elevator. That was 'the big bang' that created an alternate universe for them. They are stuck in the building in a limbo or in a coma & one of the characters, probably Leonard is imagining the entire show. The out of order sign on the elevator is symbolic of their issues before the accident & their current state of mind. They cant move on until they have fixed their issues in waking life.

    Raj - Cannot speak to women. His issue is fixed.

    Howard - Mama's boy. He created Bernadette & after getting married his dependence on his mother stopped. His issue is fixed.

    Sheldon - Extreme social awkwardness & apathy. In the process of being fixed. He created Amy to help him.

    Leonard - Relationship issues. Cannot standup for himself. He created Penny in his mind to workout his issues.

    When all the four characters overcome these issues the elevator will be fixed indicating they have overcome things that were bothering them & they can finally move on.

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    Sheldon's Dad Has A Very Dark Secret

    From Redditor u/mattthechampion:

    This is less a fan theory, and more a fact.

    I was rewatching The Big Bang Theory and in Season 4, episode 2 ("The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification") Sheldon is trying to calculate how long he's going to live, as he means to extend his life expectancy so he can live long enough for the Singularity to take place, allowing himself to become immortal.

    It's been clear for season upon season that the show's producers take care with what gets written on the whiteboard so that's it's accurate, and this is the case here, with multiple accurate probability equations. So then WHY on the family tree whiteboard are the following dates displayed:

    Sheldon Age: 29

    Missy Age: 29

    Georgie Age: 32

    Sheldon's Mother: Age 45

    Sheldon's Father: Died Age 42

    Not only does this clearly display that Sheldon's Mother must have had Georgie when she was 13. Sheldon's dad died at the age of 42, and his death occurs 13 years before The Big Bang Theory commences, and in Season 4 Episode 1 Sheldon claims he's known Penny for 3 years, meaning that his father died 16 years before this point, he would have been 58 had he not died and thus would have been 26 when Georgie was born. A 26 year old and a 13 year old! And given the fact that theirs accuracy in their ages: Missy & Sheldon are twins and so both the same age, Georgie is a couple years older, Sheldon's stated as saying his father died when he was 12, roughly 29 - 16 = 13 which is roughly right. How can they write Sheldon's Mother as being 45?? Maybe I've misread it and it says 55 but I think it's pretty clearly a 4!!

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    Sheldon Would Be Dangerous If He Understood Sarcasm

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    From Redditor u/aliquid000:

    This theory suggests that Sheldon's attempt to learn sarcasm will lead to him realizing that he has the advantage and tools necessary to mold the human race into what he sees is the next step of our evolution. Sheldon always exclaims to leanord that the human race is beneath his intellect and they are to stupid to realize they are holding themselves back. If Sheldon understands sarcasm he will be able to manipulate more people on a grander scale to get his way. An example of this would be when the males of the group were making an they kicked Sheldon off the team for being to controlling. Later Penny tells him he could use sarcasm to make it as though he is not lying to the group when he apologizes and he ends up doing so and rejoins the group. With this Sheldon can learn how to band the truth further and faster with his ability to learn at an accelerated rate. Using his logic Sheldon could see the potential and feel a responsibility to the world being a scientist and physist to advance and push humanity towards its future.

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    Sheldon Isn't Actually Socially Inept

    From Redditor u/PM_ME_YOUR_RAWR:

    I've been thinking about this for a while, Sheldon isn't as socially incompetent as he seems, instead he's a brilliant man who helps make Leonard happy because all Leonard has done for him.

    When we first see Sheldon (in a flashback) he's a recluse and can barely look Leonard in the eye when meeting him. We can assume, from his dependent relationship with his mother, that he is alone in LA and has to fend for himself (his phobias and social alienation made worse by this). Enter Leonard who shares his interests and hobbies. He introduces Sheldon to like minded friends, his favourite spot on the couch, social interaction, and most of all Leonard becomes Sheldon's best friend, as close to family as Sheldon can get since his mother. When the show begins we see a radically different Sheldon than the one Leonard describes in his flashback to Penny, all thanks to Sheldon's friendship with Leonard.

    When Leonard meets Penny, Sheldon see's how in love he is with her, and in line with how brilliant Sheldon is, he exaggerates his social misunderstanding and awkwardness to constantly throw Penny and Leonard's lives together. For instance showing Penny that Leonard is having sex with Leslie Winkel, constantly interacting with Penny after their breakup, and through his ensured friendship with Penny making certain that she doesn't drift from their lives. If you watch the show closely you'll see how he goes from periods of social skill, to wacky misunderstanding, with the overall goal of trying to make his friend happy.

    I'm at work right now and am on mobile so I apologize for the formatting. Tomorrow I can back this up with more specific evidence from show.

    Edit: a major point here is Dr. Stephanie as well. He is so convincing that he wants her in his life he does everything huge and incredible (literally) to "keep" her there, when in reality he is getting her out of the way.

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