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2006 horror film and was an entry for the 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival. The film is the 8th installment of the Shake, Rattle & Roll series and contains three segments.

Sheryl Cruz (Nominee - Best Actress)
Manilyn Reynes
Iza Calzado
TJ Trinidad
Empress Schuck
Dino Imperial
Roxanne Guinoo
Bearwin Meily
Eugene Domingo
Ehra Madrigal
Janus Del Prado

Directed by
Mike Tuviera, Rahyan Carlos, and Topel Lee

Produced by
Roselle Monteverde-Teo

Written by
Roselle Monteverde-Teo, Fairlane Raymundo, Ria Saldavia-Aniban, Enzo Valdez, Edzon Rapisora, Ben Cho


Topel Lee brings you "Yaya", the story of a nanny who is truly an aswang, was hired by a working mom to look after her son and his sister. Shake Rattle & Roll first timer Iza Calzado plays Cecil, the vampire nanny, and Nash Aguas as Benjo, the mischievous boy who unmasked his nanny's true nature. With them are Ms. Sheryl Cruz, Ms. Debraliz Valasote, Boom Antonio, TJ Trinidad and Nene Tamayo.

Benjo (Nash Aguas) is a very mischievous boy and a prankster. After sending many nannies packing, his mother Grace (Sheryl Cruz) had to hire a new one again. This time, Benjo must promise he won't prank her again.
One day, Grace had finally hired a new nanny: Cecil (Iza Calzado). Benjo becomes suspicious about Cecil; this evidence was shown when Benjo's dog Toby started to bark mad at the nanny. Grace insisted to Benjo to calm down.
During Cecil's tenure, Benjo became more suspicious and watchful. What he feared came one evening: he himself witnessed Cecil who was about to eat his little baby sister with her long tongue. Still, the boy obeyed his mother not to say anything.
Benjo, however, won't give up just like that. He sought help from his teacher Mel (TJ Trinidad). He told Mr. Mel everything about his new nanny being a vampire and the attempt that happened last night to his sister. The teacher told Benjo the only weapon to repel aswangs: garlic.
One night, the full moon loomed high and what the household feared came: it was time for Cecil's transformation to an aswang. Benjo remembered everything what Teacher Mel had said. After a big fight, Benjo thrusted garlic to the aswang, killing it. Grace arrived at the scene shortly after the aswang was killed. see more on Shake, Rattle & Roll 8
Mano Po III: My Love is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Sheryl Cruz Movies
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2004 drama film entry for the 30th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Anti-crime crusader Lilia Chiong Yang seems to have everything a woman could want and need: a husband who pampers her; children whom any parent would be proud of; and the respect & admiration of the most powerful people in the land. But just as Lilia prepares for her 25th wedding anniversary celebration, a chance encounter in Thailand with her first love Michael throws Lilia's life into chaos. So begins the resumption of a relationship that threatens to unravel the delicate threads connecting Lilia to the other people in her life.

Director: Joel Lamangan
Writers: Roy Iglesias (story), Lily Y. Monteverde (story), and 2 more credits
Stars: Vilma Santos, Christopher De Leon, Sheryl Cruz and Eddie Garcia

Nominated 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Best Supporting Actress Sheryl Cruz see more on Mano Po III: My Love

Ikaw Naman Ang Iiyak

Genre: Drama
Year: 1996
Dawn Zulueta, Gary Estrada, Sheryl Cruz, Charlene Gonzales, Matthew Mendoza, Chiggoy Alonso, and Shintaro Valdez
Running Time: 1 hr 59 m
Director: Joel Lamangan
Company: Viva Films

Role: Penny
Plot: "Ikaw Naman ang Iiyak", Dawn serves time in prison for murder, and plots revenge against the man she defended Santi (Gary Estrada), but who eventually junks her for Penny (Sheryl Cruz).
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Paano Na Sa Mundo Ni Janet?

The secret love of a man (CHRISTOPHER DE LEON) for a deaf and mute girl (SHERYL CRUZ) results in violence, rape and death. The gist of the story is about a deaf-mute girl's silent and uncomplicated world suddently full of trouble and trauma as she becomes a victim of rape and deceit and the story explodes into a highly emtotional, dramatic plot.

PAANO NA sa Mundo ni Janet? is a Golden Harvest Presentation of top Filipino artists: Christopher de Leon, Alma Moreno, Zoren Legaspi, Aiza Seguerra and Sheryl Cruz. Directed by Jose N. Carreon.

FAMAS Awards
1995 Nominated FAMAS Award Best Actress Sheryl Cruz

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Length: 103 minutes
Directed by: Jose N. Carreon
Screenplay: Jose N. Carreon