Weird History How Henry 'Box' Brown Literally Mailed Himself Out Of Slavery  

Mick Jacobs

For slaves in the South, the route to freedom was a perilous one that often called for unconventional approaches. This video chronicles one of the most unconventional stories of a clever way out. Harriet Tubman, to name possibly the most famous example, managed to bring dozens of slaves to freedom over the course of multiple trips back into the South. But some escaped slaves took decidedly different approaches to securing their freedom.

One such example of an unconventional escape is that of Henry Box Brown. In order to get himself to the North, Brown put himself into a shipping unit.

Could you ever even imagine Amazon Prime-ing yourself hundreds of miles? Probably not, but you likely also never dealt with the horrible cruelties of enslavement.

For Brown, a trip in a crate probably sounded like a cakewalk in comparison to enslavement. In the end, it clearly paid off, because his story is still getting told today. Experience Brown's unusual escape by playing the video below.