20 Shocking Deaths In Children's Cartoons That Caught You By Surprise

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Masked by bright colors, funny voices, and kid-friendly entertainment, it's easy to forget cartoons often feature some of the most violent death scenes in entertainment. Over the years, hundreds of vicious cartoon deaths have gone ignored because they're animated. But think about it: how many times has an animated character died in a way that would be absolutely traumatizing if done in live action?

From the extreme exploits of Wile E. Coyote to Simba watching his father trampled to death by a heard of stampeding buffalo, pop culture is rife with brutal animated death scenes (although Wile E. Coyote seems freakin' indestructible). Read on for some of the most violent cartoon deaths from children's cartoons, and vote up the ones with the most shocking savagery. 

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    Doom Dips a Helpless Shoe in a Vat of Caustic Filth in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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    With a name like Judge Doom, don't expect rainbows and butterflies. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the true extent of Doom's villainy is unveiled when he reveals The Dip, a poisonous substance capable of killing cartoon characters. To show off his nasty creation, Doom grabs a random, cute cartoon shoe and slowly dips it in a vat of the stuff. We hear the shoe squeak and cry in agony as he slowly melts.

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    Cars Sing a Nihilist Dirge as They're Crushed to Death in The Brave Little Toaster

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    There's a lot of death in The Brave Little Toaster, none more horrific than the automobile graveyard. Not only are cars crushed into small cubes by a brutal machine, they sing a song about how worthless they are while it happens. Singing songs is supposed to make everything light and cheery, but in this case, it only adds to the brutal nature of the scene, because it's a nihilist song they're singing as they're murdered. Like, WTF? What are you, Brave Little Toaster? The Holocaust as animated by Nietzsche? 

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    The Air Conditioner Has a Coronary/Maybe Kills Himself in The Brave Little Toaster

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    The Brave Little Toaster features a scene that can be read in one of two ways: either the air conditioner gets so angry over the fact he was never played with he accidentally self-destructs, or he was so upset over the fact he was never played with he commits suicide. Whatever the reason, it's brutal and far from how a sentient air conditioner should act. He should've just cooled down a bit.

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    One of the most brutal moments in the legendary Batman: The Animated Series comes when Scarecrow smacks Batgirl off a large building, plunging her into Gordon's cop car below. Gordon tries to help, but can't save her. It's even more of a blow to him when the crying Batgirl mumbles a feeble "Dad?" before dying in his arms. Later in the episode, we find out none of it was real. But damn. Holding your dying daughter in your hands after her murder? That's grown folks ish.  

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