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12 Shocking Moments in Comic Book Films  

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A plot twist in a movie is a great way to keep an audience on its toes, to keep 'em guessing. That's especially hard to do with comic films because it's already based on subject matter that's been poured over, loved, and scrutinized. So if you succeed in surprising the comic fans... they'll inevitably be mad that you changed the source material. There's no real winning in that scenario.

Another problem is that in the current day and age, technology has made it nearly impossible for filmmakers to get away with anything. Spy pictures and footage leaks on a daily basis, and the moment any news about a comic film is uttered, it is instantly plastered on every corner of the Internet. 

Needless to say, it's hard to successfully get away with putting a twist in a comic film, but these are those brave few that have done it. These are the 12 most shocking twists in comic book films! Beware of spoilers! These comic book movie plot twists will make your jaw hit the floor!
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The Joker's Plan
The Joker's Plan is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 12 Shocking Moments in Comic Book Films
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For a guy who claims not to be a schemer, he sure had one convoluted scheme going.

The Joker kidnaps Rachel and Harvey Dent, ties them to fuel drums attached to timed detonators. He then attacks Batman, get's arrested on purpose, goes to prison where he taunts Batman into beating him half to death, then fights a cop in order to makes his one phone call, which activates a bomb that he had previously planted in this fat inmates stomach, which blows up, giving him access to Lau to complete his plan. Whew, schemey.

The secondary twist (beyond being caught on purpose) is that he switched Harvey and Rachel and convinced Batman to inadvertently save Harvey Dent (turning him into Two-Face) and killing Rachel.
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Who Sits on The Throne Of Asgard?
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At the end of Thor: The Dark World, we pan up on Odin sitting upon his throne looking over Asgard, and then he's revealed to be Loki after all. So where's Odin? Did Loki kill him? Has he been planning this from the beginning and only acting as a hero for this greater goal? Awesome twist.
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Alexander Pierce's Allegiance
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Throughout the film we assume Alexander Pierce is a good dude because, ya know, Redford. The trailers paint him rather ominously, and we assume he might be a bad guy, but all those fears are for nothing because, ya know that Robert Redford sure is swell. Then suddenly, Boom! He's an agent of Hydra who's been infiltrating the infrastructure of S.H.I.E.L.D. for years with Hydra agents. S.H.I.E.L.D. has to be destroyed, and the shape of the Marvel cinematic universe is forever altered.

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Officer Blakes Full Name
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After going by John Blake throughout the film, Joseph Gordon Levitt is summoned to collect his portion of Bruce Wayne's will (which turns out to be the fricken Batcave and its contents), but he has to give his full name, Robin John Blake.

He's Robin, you guys! Shameless, fun, twist.
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