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Which Shonen Anime Has The Best Cast of Female Characters?

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Because it's aimed at boys, shonen anime tends to focus on male characters, but that doesn't mean female characters never play pivotal roles. For this list, we're going to be looking at the female characters in shonen anime - specifically, at which shows have the best overall female casts. 

Some of the series on this list have tons of female characters who exist alongside their male counterparts as equals. Others are a bit more lopsided in favor of male characters, but still have their share of awesome ladies. Vote up the shows that you think have the best overall female casts - whatever that means for you.  

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    Jujutsu Kaisen is being hailed as one of the best modern shonen anime out there, and it's definitely warranted. For one, this series has an incredible female cast. Each female character is badass and extremely capable in their own ways. Nobara Kugisaki, one of the main characters, is a breath of fresh air within the shonen genre. She's strong and independent while also being goofy and fun. Plus, there's no forced romance or cringey love triangle between her and Itadori or Megumi. The main trio is allowed to just be platonic friends. Other characters like Maki, Mai, and Miwa are also well-written.

    None of the female characters are overly sexualized and their motivations aren't revolved around the men in their lives. Instead, they have fleshed out backstories and interesting character development. And that's seriously awesome.


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  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood isn't just a series filled with awesome women, it was also written by one: Hiromu Arakawa. While most of the main characters are male, the female characters who do exist are every bit as competent and important. Olivier Armstrong is the respected commander of Fort Briggs. Riza Hawkeye is a firearms expert with a fascinating backstory. Izumi Curtis teaches the main characters how to perform alchemy while also imparting painful lessons gleaned from her own past mistakes. Winry, Ed's childhood friend and eventual wife, spends her days working as a mechanic. No matter their role in the series, they're treated as full characters with their own unique personalities and motivations. 

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  • Maybe it's because it's one of the more modern shows on the list, but Black Clover is known for having female characters who play an active role in the series, without fading into the background to make room for the men. There are key members of the Black Bull Squad like Charmy and Noelle and Golden Dawn members like Mimosa. There are women with terrifying blood control powers like the Queen of Witches, women who can destroy you in hand to hand combat like Mereoleona. No matter what part of the series we're talking about, there are usually female characters filling important roles. 

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  • The protagonist of Bleach is brought into the world of Shinigami by one of series' coolest female characters, Rukia. Once her ice-based Bankai is fully developed, she's able to reduce her own body temperature to absolute zero, instantly freezing and destroying everything around her. She's far from the only awesome female character. Creator Tite Kubo named two of his female characters, Rangiku and Yoruichi, as some of his favorite characters in the series. Both Gotei 13 members, these two have very different personalities, but they're both equally powerful. Another one is Retsu Unohana, the first ever Kenpachi - master of all forms of swordsmanship. 

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