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20 Shonen Anime Moments That Are Burned Into Our Brains

May 18, 2021 2.5k votes 294 voters 3.3k views20 items

When you think about your favorite shonen anime, there are probably some moments that stand out among the rest. Those are the moments that you either use to get your friends hyped about watching the series, or go out of your way to make sure they don't find out about, because they're huge spoilers.

Some are emotionally devastating, like the Hunter x Hunter scene where Meruem and Komugi show the true extent of their friendship in the most tragic way possible. Others are badass, like when All Might wastes a Nomu at U.S.J. in My Hero Academia. Whatever the vibe, they stay in fans' minds long after they've finished watching. 

These are some of the shonen anime moments that are burned into our brains - which ones are burned into yours? 

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    Itachi Tells Sasuke That He Loves Him - Naruto

    There are plenty of other Naruto moments that also deserve a spot on this list, but for now, we'll focus on this one. Sasuke got revenge on his brother Itachi before learning why he destroyed their clan. The two finally get a chance to reconcile after Itachi is brought back to life via Edo Tensei. When this happens, Itachi gets a chance to tell Sasuke that while he doesn't have to forgive him for what he did, he will always love him, no matter what. We're not crying, you're crying.

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    Goku Goes Super Saiyan For The First Time - DBZ

    This classic moment doesn't just live on in fan's minds, it's also inspired countless other power-up scenes in the shonen anime that came after it. Enraged by Frieza's brutal destruction of his closest friend and his threats toward his son, Goku summons the energy needed to pull off his first ever Super Saiyan transformation. While he'd have more powerful transformations later on, nothing beats the raw emotion of the first time.

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    The Walk To Arlong Park - One Piece

    With Nami's request for help fresh in his mind, Luffy calmly marches towards Arlong Park, ready to take on the Fishman and protect his friend. Usopp, Sanji, and Zoro are right beside him. This moment establishes them as a cohesive group that is capable of defeating even the toughest villains. It's epic in its own right, and it sets the stage for all the future conflicts they'll face. 

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    Tanjiro Unleashes The Hinokami Dance - Demon Slayer

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    The fight against Rui is a tough one, both because it parallels a toxic false familial relationship with the tight brother-sister bond between Tanjiro and Nezuko, and because Rui is one of the strongest opponents that the du has faced so far. But during the fight, not only is Tanjiro able to unleash the Hinokami Dance, a technique his father taught him, he also fights with his sister, who has been mostly inactive throughout the show. 

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