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Ranking Popular Shonen Anime Villains By How Hard They Were To Beat

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When faced with wildly powerful opponents, shonen heroes are forced to put everything on the line to take them down. Sometimes, this means developing brand new powers, sometimes it involves coming up with a strategy, and sometimes it involves relying on luck or help from their friends. No matter how they do it, these villains push the heroes they fight to their limit.

Who are hardest shonen anime villains to beat? There's a whole lot out there. Meruem from Hunter x Hunter was so tough that Isaac Netero had to sacrifice himself to take him down. Sousuke Aizen from Bleach survives one of the most terrifying attacks in anime history, and is only destroyed by an unexpected trap. 

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  • By activating Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō, Ichigo Kurosaki is taking a massive gamble: though it allows him to use the enormously powerful move Mugetsu, it also means that he’ll use his Shinigami powers permanently. 

    Ichigo manages to damage Aizen just badly enough to activate the Kidō seal that Kisuke Urahara implanted inside of him. This spells his ultimate defeat.

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    Meruem - Hunter x Hunter

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    In a last-ditch attempt to defeat the chimera ant king, Isaac Netero set off a chemo-explosive weapon called the Poor Man’s Rose. This weapon, which was implanted in his body and set to go off when he passed away, was powerful enough to severely damage Meruem - but because Youpi and Shiapouf let him feed on their bodies, he was able to heal. 

    He was finally defeated because of the other effect of the Poor Man’s Rose - a contagious poison that would eventually shut down his organs.

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  • Defeating Father was a group effort. After absorbing a power he refers to as 'God' Father is seemingly untouchable - but the strain of fighting off nearly every other character in the series in an all-out brawl combined with the effort of trying to keep the God in his body proves to be a challenge. To meet that challenge, he tries absorbing Greed, his homunculus creation. This proves to be his undoing. Greed transforms Father's body into graphite, a brittle substance that Edward Elric can easily punch through.

    With the physical fight over, the God escapes from his body and forces him to face the Truth and be dragged into the Gate forever. 

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  • After Goku transports Cell to King Kai's planet so that Cell can explode and avoid damaging anybody else, it looks like the villain might be defeated - but he regenerates and faces off against Goku's son, Gohan.

    At first, Cell has the upper hand, but then Vegeta distracts Cell with his Galick Blazer. Sensing an opportunity, Gohan launches a Kamehameha at Cell with guidance from his father's spirit. This is enough to overwhelm Cell's own attack, rendering Gohan the proud but exhausted victor. 

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