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12 Popular Theories About Shonen Anime Heroes

April 14, 2021 2.6k votes 581 voters 35.6k views12 items

The best shonen anime have complex stories and characters that get viewers invested in them. And when fans get hyped about a series, they start theorizing about the details and stories under the surface.

For this list, we'll be looking at some of the coolest shonen anime hero fan theories from around the Internet. They touch on topics like Katsuki Bakugo's anger problems in My Hero Academia, Yuji Itadori's true lineage in Jujutsu Kaisen, the possibility of Nami being the human manifestation of an ancient weapon in One Piece, and more.

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    Why Do Naruto's Kids Have Whiskers?

    Naruto's kids were born with whiskers on their faces, a trait that they inherited from their father. But Naruto got those whiskers because he was exposed to Kurama's chakra while still inside of his mother, a jichuuriki. Presumably, Hinata gave birth to Boruto and Himawari, so where did the whiskers come from?

    Fans have a lot of ideas about how this could have happened. Some think that Naruto passed some of Kurama's chakra on to his children, which he was able to do because that chakra altered his genetics. Does that mean that they'll ever be able to manifest any of Kurama's powers? Some fans say yes, others say no.

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    Goten Was Conceived While Goku Was In Super Saiyan Mode

    Why is Goten able to go Super Saiyan so quickly? Most characters are able to transform only after intense training, but for Goten, it came after only very light training under his mother. Redditor u/Logic_Nuke has an idea about what happened. 

    The time period when Goten was most likely conceived is during the nine days prior to the Cell Games. During this time, Goku was constantly in Super Saiyan mode for training purposes. This means that he was most likely conceived while Goku was transformed, which might give him easier access to the form himself. 

    Toriyama says that Goten can do this because he inherited a ton of S-Cells, but it's entirely possible that he inherited those because of Goku's transformation.

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    Yuji Itadori Is A Descendent Of Sukuna

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    Why was Yuji Itadori able to handle housing Sukuna in his body? This is supposed to be nearly impossible, so much so that most of the sorcerers would rather see him destroyed than let him try. One theory, proposed by Redditor u/religiousn, is that he might be biologically related to Sukuna.

    We know very little about Yuji's familial background, but his parents' true identity is heavily hinted at. So, we know his lineage is important. We also know that the two of them look a lot alike. While this could a be Yu-Gi-Oh!-esque visual convenience, it's also possible that it's because he's a descendent of the Ryōmen clan that Sukuna hails from. 

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    Norman Is Left-Handed & The Symbolism Matters

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    Norman isn't clearly left-handed - in fact, he seems ambidextrous, since he's seen using both hands under different circumstances. Redditor u/SymphonyofPromises noticed that there's a huge difference between the times that he uses his left hand versus the times he uses his right hand.

    The difference is that when he uses his right hand, he's doing things that don't reflect his true desires, but Minerva's. He's doing what he feels he has to do. When he uses his left hand, he's doing what he actually believes is right, and wants to do. Whatever he does with his left hand reflects his true self - which means that he's left-handed. 

    Does the symbolism in The Promised Neverland really go that far? Hard to say, but the idea is fascinating.

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