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20 Times Shonen Protagonists Raged And We Loved It

April 21, 2021 8.5k votes 1.2k voters 42.4k views20 items

Whether they're friendly and good-natured or quick to anger, every shonen protagonist has their limit. It might be a loved ones' demise, a sense of moral outrage, or simple desperation to win a fight, but whatever it is, when they hit that limit, they're going to react. Sometimes, that reaction is a rage-fueled powerup that shows off their fighting prowess to its fullest extent. 

A classic shonen protagonist rage moments is when Goku harnesses all the rage and grief he feels after Frieza mercilessly slays Krillin into his first Super Saiyan Transformation. More recently in Jujutsu Kaisen, there was Yuji Itadori's chilling realization that he very much wanted to take Mahito's life after watching him destroy his new friend Junpei. Old school or modern, these moments will fill you with emotion.  

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    Gon Annihilates Neferpitou In 'Hunter x Hunter'

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    Most of the time, Gon is a happy-go-lucky kid who rarely gets mad about anything. But after he finds out that Neferpitou really did destroy Kite and there's no way to bring him back, he snaps. He trades in all the power he'll ever have in his life to become a hulking, terrifying version of himself, and beats Pitou until she feels the Pain that Kite did, and expires. 

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    Ichigo Unleashes His Inner Hollow In 'Bleach'

    If he hadn't heard Orihime's cries for help, Ichigo might not have been able to get up after getting lanced in the chest by Ulquiorra. Furious and desperate to help her, he awakens his Full Hollow Form. Ichigo's new strength is more than the Espada can handle, and Ichigo ends up turning the tables on a previously hopeless situation.

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    The Nine Tails Takes Over In 'Naruto'

    Naruto is already upset enough about Pain's invasion, but when he sees what looks like Hinata's demise, he loses control of his emotions. The rage allows him to unlock Kurama's six-tailed form. This gives him the strength to do some serious damage to Pain and to the landscape. That'll teach him to mess with Naruto's future wife!

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    Asta Gives In To His Inner Devil In 'Black Clover'

    When a showdown with Dante leads to Gauche getting stabbed, Asta loses himself in his Devil Form. Foaming at the mouth and rampaging mindlessly, while sprouting a tail and a set of fangs, he becomes a completely different person. The Devil's power takes a massive toll on him, as does the strain of the fight. By the end, he's barely conscious. 

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